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How did you find the exercise? Do some research in your area as to which wind direction is the most prominent i.e. which direction most wind comes from? Look again at the map in the PPT – what direction do you think would be prominent if you lived in Southern Africa or Madagascar?

Give your opinion by pressing reply. Once you have saved your text, you may see other students opinions. You then can react on them or even react to reactions.Only be careful when and where you press Reply.



Visit at least three different sites/places (house/temple/school/public toilet/community hall...etc) in your village or near by location and draw a simple sketch indicating how ventilation is implemented for the places you have visited. Write your name and the name of the site on your sketches.

Once you have made your sketches, convert them to a digital format. The simpliest way to do so is using a digital camera, e.g. from a cell phone. You also can use a drawing program to make your sketch and save it digitally.

When you have three files with your three sketches,you are going to upload them into this special forum. To do so: 1) Press the Answer button; 2) Write a short text explaining the three sites you have visited; 3) Upload the three files. Be sure to save to complete this action.

Once you have uploaded your own sketches, you will be able to see sketches uploaded by other students. You may ask them questions for clarification via this forum. You can also give your opinion in a friendly way :).


On January 4yj, 2016 The Hindu News announced a super fab lab to be set up by MIT in "Vizag" (Visakhapatnam, India).

See: full text


Ja, er zijn twee opties:

  • Je kunt (onderdelen van) een cursus kopiëren naar een andere cursus op dezelfde Moodle-site of zelfs op een andere Moodle-site.
  • Je kunt ook de deelnemers in groepen/klasjes verdelen die elkaar niet zien maar wel hetzelfde materiaal gebruiken.


Aan het einde van deel 2 van de training "Moodle voor docenten" (8h) willen wij u drie korte vragen stellen:

  1. Wat ging goed? Waar bent u tevreden over?
  2. Wat kan beter? Waar zouden we voor een volgende keer op moeten letten?
  3. Overige suggesties en opmerkingen

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